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The Flavors Of Home

Relish The Tantalizing Flavors Of India. We Specialize In Exquisite Catering
For Your Extraordinary Events!

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The Owner/Founder of Spice Box, Ashwita Vashisth is driven by passion. Her aim is to reach the maximum number of food lovers across Raleigh. Her dishes are created using the finest ingredients, fresh herbs, and spices, presenting you with food that is made with a lot of skill and care to give your taste buds a treat!

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Our Services

Catering for Events and Weekly/Biweekly Meal Plans prepared with all-natural, fresh ingredients for all who enjoy Indian cuisine.
We deliver to your doorstep.

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Your Gateway to Authentic Indian Cuisine

Are you craving Indian food in Raleigh? Look no further than Spice Box Caterers! We offer catering for Events and Weekly/Biweekly Meal Plans prepared with all-natural, fresh ingredients for all who enjoy Indian cuisine. Our meals are delicious and healthy, cooked with care in our kitchens. We have earned glowing 5-star ratings from satisfied customers, making us the go-to choice for catering service and Indian meal kit delivery across Raleigh.

At Spice Box Caterers, we take pride in our cooking methods. We use minimal oil and low salt without sacrificing flavor. Plus, we avoid preservatives or chemicals, ensuring every meal is fresh and wholesome. 

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Elevate Your Events with Authentic Indian Flavors

There are many different types of food in India, not just one general “Indian” style. Each region has its special ingredients and spices that make the dishes unique. For example, the Kashmiri chilies are separate from byadagis. Our chefs come from all across places, bringing the authentic taste of the hometowns. We know how to make the dishes like you would find them locally. We believe in clean eating. That means absolutely no preservatives in our food.

Tailored to Your Tastes and Occasion 

We put a lot of effort into crafting our menus and offering catering services that can adapt to seasons, occasions, current culinary trends, and, most importantly, the preferences of our clients.

Spice Box Caterers: Your Premier Choice for Multiple Events


Everybody, regardless of age, has a special place in their hearts for birthdays. They are something we eagerly anticipate each year and are always happy and exciting. Whether you decide on a great celebration or a just get-together with your closest loved ones.


Our lives are dotted with celebrations that bring joy and companionship to significant occasions. At Spice Box Caterers, we recognize the importance of many kinds of social gatherings and work hard to provide our esteemed clients with exceptional culinary experiences.  


In search of a reliable catering partner for your next significant corporate event? Look no further. Contact our experts at Spice Box Caterers, the top-notch corporate caterer in Raleigh, and watch your wishes come to life with precision and care.

Why Choose Spice Box Caterers Services For Your Event?

Whether for a business meeting or a social event, Spice Box Caterers guarantees excellent food quality and service at a reasonable cost.

Get started on planning your event with Spice Box Caterers! Our food catering business is dedicated to giving personalized attention to each client. Reach out to us today and begin planning the catering for your special event.

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Your Event, Our Expertise,
Perfect Harmony.

Home-style food, cooked and served with joy, the way it was meant to be. With simplicity and love. Join us in celebrating the goodness of wholesome, pure food, steeped in Indian tradition.

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